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Why Attend An Accredited Veterinary Tech School

For those of you who wish to choose to pursue a career to become a veterinary technician choosing the right school is important decision. In fact, choosing the right school could mean the difference between you being able to practice your career choice wherever you choose to live or actually having few choices as to where you can practice. That is why it is important to choose from among one of the accredited veterinary technician schools when pursuing your dream of becoming a vet tech.

What does "Accredited" Really Mean?

The term accredited when used in reference to an educational program or school means that a third party has deemed the program or school to have met or exceeded the organizations standards. In the case of veterinary technician schools this means that the American Veterinary Medicine Association has determined that the standards of the school or their vet tech program meets their standards and guidelines.

This is important because many states require graduates of vet tech programs sit for the Veterinary technician national exam before issuing the student their certification to practice as a vet tech and the only way you can sit for the exam is if you attended an accredited program or school.

While every state sets different guidelines for certification most states do require that the VTNE be part of the certification process. Which means that you need to have sat for and passed this exam to be a practicing veterinary technician in most states. If the school you choose to attend is not among the accredited veterinary technician schools your ability to practice, as a vet tech will be severely limited.

Finding those Accredited Vet Tech Schools

Finding those accredited vet tech schools is not as difficult as it might seem. A good place to start is by searching online for free information. Many schools will gladly send out information pamphlets for free. You can also talk to your school or career counselor about your desire to become a veterinary technician and ask them to help you find a list of accredited vet tech schools or programs.

Once you have a list of schools that reportedly are accredited then contact the school itself and ask them if they are accredited by AVMA. You may even be able to check with the AVMA itself to verify a certain schools accreditation.

By choosing from among the many accredited veterinary technician schools you will not only increase your ability to work in a number of different states and areas a qualified vet tech, you will also be showing prospective employers that you sought and received the best education possible to become the very best vet tech that you can be.

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