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What Is A Veterinary Technician

If you love animals and want a job where you can work around all different types of animals, then becoming a Veterinary Technician may well be the right job for you. A veterinary technician's job can be extremely demanding, versatile and rewarding depending on where you work. A Veterinary technician is basically the veterinary's right hand man or woman, or as some people describe it a combination of nurse and office manager.

Tasks that Veterinary Technicians are called on to Perform

The best way to describe the job of a veterinary technician is to list the tasks that Veterinary technicians are expected to perform. These tasks may include:

  • Making appointments for clients.
  • Greeting clients when come for their appointments
  • Giving physical exams, and shots to pet and cleaning teeth.
  • Performing all necessary lab tests including X-rays and ultra sounds
  • Assisting the Veterinary during office exams, medical and surgical procedures.
  • Preparing the operating rooms for surgeries.
  • Feeding and caring for animals who stay overnight.
  • Helping patients to understand what is wrong with their pets, and what treatment options are available.
  • Explaining to clients how to properly care for their animals following medical treatments, and what medications are needed.
  • Billing and other light office work.

In large busy veterinary clinics a veterinary technician may mainly work only with clients and the animals, assisting one or more veterinarians in various care taking tasks of the animals. In smaller clinics a technician may perform more as general girl or guy Friday doing a variety of tasks both in the front office and working with animals.

In addition to performing various tasks, a veterinary technician must have certain personal characteristics to perform their tasks well. For starters, a calm demeanor is essential in dealing with both the clients and their pets. Both will need reassurance at times, and staying calm is real asset especially in emergency situations.

In addition, a veterinary technician needs to be able to be empathetic and understand that for most people their pets are like their children and when worried they may tend to be demanding or even break down. The role of a veterinarian technician is multifaceted and extremely challenging. However, for the right people this is a career that can be highly rewarding.

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