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If you are considering starting a career as a veterinary technician, you probably are going to want to know if you can make a good living with your choice of career. However, while the average veterinary technician salary is about $33,000 thousand a year, the actual salary you bring in will depend greatly on a number of things. Here are some of the many variables that will affect your yearly salary as a vet technician.


How much your veterinary technician salary will be may be based on large part on the amount of education you have received. Graduates of 4 year programs tend to make more than those who just have an associates degree as they have gained more knowledge relevant to their field. In addition, there are certain specialties that will earn you more income than others, so education will play a part in the amount of salary you will make as a veterinary technician.


Realistically those who have spent years working in a career as a vet tech will be able to command a higher salary for their services than those right out of school simply because they have had more hands on experience and have dealt with a wider variety of situations. Likewise those new graduates who have actually spent the time to gain more practical experience by volunteering in animal shelters or pet clinics will usually earn more than those with little actual hands on experience.

Type of Facility

In addition to the amount of education and experience you have required your veterinary technician salary will be based on part on type of facility you choose to work at and the amount of responsibility you take on. Vet techs who work for a large thriving practice are likely to earn more than those who work for a smaller practice.

The Area You Work In

The area where you choose to practice will also influence the amount of money you make. Some states, counties, and cities simply pay their vet technicians more than do other areas. How much your vet tech salary will be is going to deal with where you choose to live and practice.

While earning a good veterinary technician salary is important, what is the most important is choosing a career as a vet tech because you love animals and find this type of work personally rewarding. If you are not happy in the career you have chosen then no amount of money is going to make the job worthwhile.

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