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If you love working with animals and have the dedication and personality to become a veterinary technician then you will be happy to know that there are many job openings in this growing field. Becoming a vet tech offers you the opportunity to help both animals and people, which can be highly rewarding. However, not all veterinary technician jobs involve pets and their owners as vet tech may work in a variety of settings.

Places Veterinary Technicians Can Work

When most people think about veterinary technicians they think of these professionals working in vet clinics or animal hospitals. While these are two job opportunities vet techs also can find jobs working in zoos, research labs and animal shelters. While these different types of jobs will still require you to work under a veterinary, the mind set for each type of job may be somewhat different.

Vet Clinics and Animal Hospitals

Veterinary technician jobs in vet clinics and animal hospitals center around caring for sick animals or meeting the health needs of healthy animals and their owners. It can be incredibly rewarding to help a ill animal recover and difficult when there seems to be little you can do to help a pet or it's owner. However, you compassion and dedication will make a huge difference to the people and pets that you work with.

Animal Shelters

The role of a vet tech in an animal shelter is somewhat different than in a vet clinic or hospital. While a large part of your job is still to attend to the animals health, you may have far less contact with people as these animals do not have owners that love them and are concerned about them. While it can be rewarding to see an animal that you have cared for find a forever family, it can also be quite painful to see other animals live out their lives in the shelter, or worse have to be put down due to illness without a human to care about them.


The role of a vet tech in a zoo situation can be extremely exciting as you will be helping the vet care for the health of exotic animals. In many zoos the vets and vet technicians play an important role in helping to see that these animals who kept in captivity are not only physically healthy, but emotionally healthy as well. This may mean helping to make sure that there current habit is natural as possible and helping to watch over their diet, and exercise as well. You may even take an active role in a breeding plan for some of these animals as well as help in finding ways of educating the public.

Research Labs

Perhaps one of the most difficult veterinary technician jobs is working in a research lab. There are many labs dedicated to finding ways to treat various life threatening diseases in animals. While working at this type of job is extremely important, it does take a certain type of person to be able to work in a situation where the prognosis is likely to be less than favorable on a regular basis. When getting a degree as a vet tech it you might want to consider the type of veterinary technician jobs you would be most suitable for.

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