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Training Required To Become A Veterinarian Technician

Becoming a Veterinary Technician can be a challenging and rewarding career for someone who loves animals and has the dedication and determination to complete the necessary training required for this type of career. While each different state has their own requirements for Veterinarian technician training, most states programs are similar and have things in common.

Before Starting Veterinary Technician Training

While it is not necessary, to decide on a career as a Veterinary technician while still in high school, if you think that you may be interested in such a career you should take biology, computer, and math courses in preparation as many programs require you to either take classes or show skills in these subjects as part of their training programs. In addition, you should volunteer at a local veterinary clinic or humane society to see if working with animals on a full time basis is really something you want to do.

Actual Training

Once you have decided that becoming a Veterinary technician is right for you, then you need to start looking for an accredited training school. Many states offer both two and four years training programs or degrees in veterinary technician training as well as some online learning opportunities. The American Veterinary Medical Associaton is also a great resource for US veterinarians.

Training consists of both in class learning and hands on training as well. Some of the things you will need to study include:

  • Animal anatomy and physiology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Veterinary clinical procedures
  • Dental hygiene
  • Surgical nursing
  • Radiology techniques
  • Anesthetics
  • Animal medical technology
  • Large animal care
  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Small animal care
In addition, some programs are going to require that you become proficient at some computer skills as well as take some general office and billing courses.

Hands on Training

Besides your classroom learning, you will also be required to complete a set number of hours of hands on training at a facility that treats animals. During hands on training you will be supervised as you learn how to perform many of the tasks that you will be doing as a veterinary technician such as giving shots, taking X-rays, and giving physical exams. Your performance during hands on training will be evaluated as part of your course training. Once training is completed you will be required to take an exam in order to become a certified veterinary technician.

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