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Becoming a Paraveterinary Worker isn't something that you will be able to accomplish without investing time and effort. However, becoming a Vet Tech can be an exciting and rewarding career. Of course like every career there are certain requirements that you will need to fulfill in order to become a Veterinary technician. Keep in mind that each state has it's own requirements for those wishing to become a Vet Tech so that you will need to check with the Paraveterinary program in your state to ensure that you meet all the requirements. That being said here are some of the requirements you might expect to fulfill to become a Vet tech.

High School Diploma

The first requirement you will probably need to fulfill is getting your high school diploma or the equivalent. Since most states require that you complete a post-secondary school program in order to get your Vet tech certification, you will need to have a high school background in order to attend a higher education facility.

While there is normally no specific high school subjects you are required to take to apply for a Vet tech program, some classes in biology and other sciences as well as mathematics will help you once you enroll in a secondary institution.

Complete an Accredited Veterinary Technician Program

Once you have your high school diploma you will need to apply for and be accepted into an accredited veterinary tech program. There are many different junior colleges and 4 year Universities that offer such programs as well as a few accredited online programs. While you are required to complete a veterinary technician program you may have the choice of completing a 2 or a 4 year program.

In some cases, you may need to take a year or so of general studies that include basic science and math courses before the institution accepts you into the vet tech program. These programs consist of both classroom and hands on learning experience and you will be required to pass these courses in order to earn your Vet Tech Degree.


Upon completion of the vet tech program at a institution of higher learning most states requirement that you sit for and pass a certification exam given by the state. This exam is designed to test your competency before issuing you a certificate that allows you to begin your career as a vet tech. While waiting for the results of exam and the issuance of your certificate you may be eligible to work as a Veterinary assistant to gain more experience in your field.

While the veterinary technician requirements may seem to be time consuming and sometimes difficult, they are necessary in order to fulfill your dream of working with animals in a profession you love. In the end your perseverance and dedication will pay off when you at last have a career that you love and are needed.

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